Two quotes and a funny story

The quote  is from President Jimmy  Carter. He said, “If you don’t want your tax dollars spent to help the poor, then you don’t want  America to be a Christian nation.”

The second one is from James Forbes.  “No one gets into heaven without a reference letter from the poor.”


An atheist lived next to a woman who was faithful, but poor.  With windows open, he would hear her pray, “O Lord, please bring me some food.” Night after night it was the same thing. So one day he decided to trick her. He went to the store and bought several bags of groceries. He put them on her door step and hid in the bushes. When she came to the door and saw the groceries she cried out, “O thank you Lord. I KNEW you would not forsake me.” Just then the confirmed atheist jumped out and said, “Ah ha!, God didn’t give you these groceries, I DID!”  There is no God and your prayers didn’t do anything.” The woman paused and then cried out in a loud voice, “O God you are so good. Not only did you bring me some groceries, but you made the devil pay for them!”