A Question for Evangelical Christians

It’s no secret that Evangelical Christians support Donald Trump. My question is WHY?

Now let me begin by saying that in my experience Evangelical covers a pretty wide range of believers.  I understand that not everyone who self identifies as evangelical does support Trump.

But there is a segment of that group that does. Franklin Graham is an example.

Evangelicals are supposed to stand for strict moral and ethical rules. They support marriage as sacred.  They condemn those who commit adultery. They stand strongly on the need to be truthful.  They stand for being peaceful and loving towards your enemies. They put great emphasis on the Bible as the undisputed truth.

So let’s look at Trump. He has made a mockery of the sanctity of marriage.   During each of his three marriages he has openly bragged about adulterous affairs with other women. He continues to battle accusations of sexual abuse and affairs with porn stars.  Now they may be all false rumors. But 19 women have accused him with nothing to gain for themselves by false accusations. It turns out that Stormy Daniels did gain financially by NOT talking about her affair with Trump since his marriage to Melania. The only one to profit by lying is Trump.

He has also played loose with the truth. He even bragged about his ability to profit from lies in his book.  As for promoting peace or love for enemies, he demonstrates just the opposite. As for the Biblical admonition to take care of the poor and the stranger, that is totally lacking.  He has not attended worship since being president. He has found lots of time to golf, but no time to honor the Lord.

So my question for my evangelical brothers and sisters is, “Why do you continue to support him?”  With sins that were far less numerous, you condemned Bill Clinton with intensity and no mention of grace.  If Clinton or any other Democratic President had done a tenth of the things that Trump had done you would have called down fire and brimstone upon them.

Clinton deserved to be condemned for his immoral behavior. But why have your standards changed?  Please don’t tell you so hated Hillary that you would have voted or anyone else. I wasn’t crazy about Hillary either.  But the election is over. Now we are dealing with a president who has set the record for behavior that should be the epitome of  what you  claim to be against.

So is it that you have so embraced the Republican Party that you have compromised your religious convictions?  Have you sold your soul to the GOP?  I hope not. The church  universal needs you to keep purity in public view. Even if you can’t support the rest of the Biblical direction about the poor and the stranger, at least stand up for the values with which you have been strongest proponent.

Tell the truth. If Trump were a Democrat, would you support his behavior? So what is wrong with this picture? I would like to understand. If you are an evangelical of any kind and you support this immoral man as your president, please explain it to me.