Pro Life Pro Choice

I am pro life. Now that needs further explanation. We love to categorize people by simple terms like conservative and liberal, pro life and pro choice. But it’s more complicated than that.

Some people call themselves pro life. But what they really mean is that they are anti-abortion. That is not the same thing. Pro life to me, means that we are concerned with the sanctity AND quality of life for all people. I am concerned about the unborn. But I am also concerned with the ones who have been born into poverty and injustice and abuse and neglect.

In a way, I am also pro choice. I believe a woman should always have a choice as to whether or not she wants to engage in behavior that leads to pregnancy. She has a choice to abstain or use dependable birth control. That is when she makes her choice.

If the woman has NOT had that choice. If she has been raped, (pregnancy from rape is rare) or if she had no real choice in the conception, then she should have the choice to terminate that pregnancy. That is pro choice. If her life is in danger, than she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy as well. That is pro-life; the life of the mother.

So abortion should be legal, safe and rare. I have heard pro choice people say that I have no right to an opinion because I am a man and it is totally up to the woman what to do with her body. I reject that. I don’t have a choice to kill someone. It is called law and it is essential to an orderly society.  Many of the babies who are killed are male and they have no choice at all. So the society as a whole must stand up for them and protect them from death that is just a convenience for a mother who made the wrong choice some months ago.

Some say to make abortion illegal except in cases of rape or the mother’s life will send women to dangerous places to have abortions.  That is tragic. We have made heroin illegal and people go to dangerous places to get it. But that does not change the reasoning behind the law. When a woman is pregnant  there are two lives here. A mother must make an ethical decision.  There are lots of people who would love to adopt a child. The price the mother pays for her choice to have sex without regard for conception is that she should carry the child to term and have it be born alive and well. Then, her responsibility ends and the child is raised by loving and sometimes desperate parents.

Extreme pro life people seem to care about the child only while it is in the womb.  It  strikes me as odd that these people seem to care little about what happens to the child once it is born. (Many pro life people advocate for the death penalty??)

Extreme pro choice people have conveniently decided that the child within them, with a beating heart and a developing brain is not really a person.  Hitler justified the Holocaust by convincing people that Jews were not really people. I reject both of these extremes.

So in a strange sort of way, I am both pro life and pro choice.

Read Jeremiah 1: 5