Politics always brings out hyperbole. But in these times of deep division. I think we should try to avoid saying things that are just plain stupid.

For instance, you would think from listening to some Democrats that Donald Trump caused the Corona Virus outbreak. He did not. To try to blame him for this is wrong and stupid.

Now if you want to question his handling of it or the state of our preparedness for it, that is fair. Drastic cuts to the Center for Disease Control have not helped. Calling it a hoax didn’t help his credibility. But this outbreak was going to happen no matter who was President.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Donald Jr. saying that Democrats are hoping that millions will die so that the President looks bad is wrong and stupid.

Both sides are trying to score political points while our attention should be on prevention and care for those who are sick. There will be lots of time later to point fingers and scream hyperbole. Right now would be a good time for all of us to be reasonable.

That would be a good posture for all of us in this election year. Stop trying to say that your candidate is perfect. Stop trying to demonize the other candidate. Listen to facts instead of propaganda. Listen to people on the other side. Be willing to change your mind. Be willing to vote for the lesser of two evils because there are no perfect candidates.

Just what the facts are has become an interesting issue. One of the problems is that we gather our information from sources that support our preconceived  bias. If you are a Trump fan, you watch FOX. you believe everything you hear there. If you are not a Trump fan, you watch MSNBC and take every word there as gospel.

That would be OK if it were not for the inconvenient truth and there are some things that are facts. Sorry Kelly Ann, there is no such thing as alternative facts. Some things are just true. We must be allowed to seek for truth. Unless you have taken a big dose of the Kool-Aid, you can see the flaws and the good things in any candidate or policy.

I watched the documentary on the Freedom Movement in Mississippi in 1963, 64.  A free press reporting on what was really happening there was an essential element in allowing people to know the truth. If you claim that the media is an enemy of the people and tell your followers not to believe what they see and hear, you are moving the country in a dangerous direction.

Here is a unique idea. Tell the truth. Forget about spin. When you make a mistake admit it, learn from it and move on. Don’t try to hide the truth. When people are allowed to see things as they really are, then they will make good decisions. Quit calling people names. I often think some of our leaders are still in fifth grade.¬† Stop being mean. If you are an adult, you can have a conversation without attacking the other side. Please, for the sake of our future, lets’s be reasonable.

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