football and life and I have had enough

So the Steelers are in the NFL playoffs. They have a tough game ahead.  In years past, this would be dominating my thoughts and even my emotions. I was that big of a fan.

But then I matured. I realized that this is just entertainment.  The players on my team or your team do not care at all about you and your life.  They are loyal to the team and the city they play for as long as nobody else offers them more money.

Then there is the issue of injuries, some of which are permanent. I think about the ancient Romans being entertained by watching gladiators fight each other to the death. Should Christians be a part of that?

I still watch. I still want the Steelers to win. But I admit that is a guilty pleasure. And the truth is, that with all that is going on in the world it just isn’t that important.

That is what I started out to write. But I have had enough. One of the parts of what is going on is the disgrace of this presidency. I have tried to hold my piece, but enough is enough. And any Christian, or any person with a good heart must speak now. For to be silent in the face of this evil that is destroying this nation that I love, is to be complicit in that evil.

I like to study presidential history. I have read most of the serious biographies. It is fun to rank the presidents from best to worst. At the bottom of the pile would be Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, James Buchanan, then 50 miles of shit, then Donald Trump. (Sorry about the language. I’m just following the lead of our “stable genius” president.)

I will not take the time to list all of the evil that this man represents. It seems like every day he says or does something that is the antithesis of what it is Christian. The Prophet Micah says:  “He has shown you what the Lord requires of you. Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.” If I were to try to define the exact opposite of Trump this verse would do that perfectly.

He is dangerous to the environment, the world’s people and the ideals that America is supposed to be about. His recent racist rant and then false denial is only the most recent debauchery of the Presidency and this nation. He has turned the White House into a SHIT HOLE!

I do not know what it will take to stop him. Will it be the mid-term Congressional elections? Will it be the Mueller investigation? Or will it take some more radical form of a revolution?

So when I think about my fear that my grandchildren will not have much of a future, and when I think about the deconstruction of this nation, it is just hard to take seriously who wins a professional football game.