Answered Prayers

The pastor didn’t really like the cat. He tolerated it as it seemed it tolerated him. He fed it and changed the litter box. He felt like he was not so much it’s owner as its’ wait staff.

On day the cat climbed a tree. It was apparently not able to get down even when he tempted it with food. There was no way he could climb the tree. So he devised a plan. Her threw a loop in a rope around a branch near the top of the tree. He tied the other end of the rope to the back of his car. His plan was to pull the car forward slowly until the tree bent low enough for him to grab the stupid cat.

The plan was working fine until the rope broke. The tree snapped upward and sent the cat sailing into the sky. The pastor felt bad and went searching for the cat. But there was no sign of it anywhere.

A week later the pastor was in the grocery store and he ran into a member of his church. He noticed cat food in her shopping cart. He knew she didn’t like cats and so he inquired about the cat food.

“Pastor, you won’t believe this. My daughter has been bugging me to get a cat for months. Finally, I said that if God gave her a cat she could keep it. Well, she went right out to the backyard and started praying for a cat. And I swear, just at that moment a cat came flying down out of the sky. God sure works in mysterious ways.”

It seems that God answered two prayers with one “miracle.”