I have written two books. The first is called Whadda Ya’ Know, Preacher.? It’s a collection of essays based on my experiences in ministry.

The second book is entitled And See All the People. It’s a work of fiction about the members of a church and the pastor. Even though it is fiction, it is a result of 40 years of parish ministry.

Both books are available in print or Kindle form from Amazon Books.

I am not sure why I write. I guess I feel like I still have something to share. I know that these books are not for any mass audience. John Grisham  writes a book and it sells in the tens of thousands. I write one and it sells in the tens. My cousin is also a minister. We go to continuing education events together. He asked if I was going to pay for our accommodations with my royalties. I said yes as long as we are staying in the homeless men’s shelter.

I have thought about trying to find an agent to help me publish so that more people might read them. But I don’t really think my books are the kind that would make money for a publisher. I have written some short stories and I am working on a novel. Maybe those would be worth having an agent take a look. Who knows?

I have this experience and things that I have learned. My problem is, I don’t know that very many people are reading about it. I guess it is just a hobby for me without being very helpful for anyone else.

I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I enjoy the process whether anybody reads it or not. If you read one or the other or both books, could  you let me know what you think? It would be helpful to get some feedback.

In the meantime, i will continue to post sermons I have preached on this blog. Next Wednesday, I will post another sample of And See All the People.


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